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More than 15 years experience in plant protection.

About us

In 1998, the company Bio-System GmbH in Constance took up the issue of yeast fungi for biological plant protection and started developing preparations for fruit growing.

As the company grew, the complete plant protection division was hived off and, in March 2001, transferred to the newly founded Bio-Protect GmbH as an independent enterprise. Due to the location of the company in the second largest fruit-growing area in Germany, there is direct contact with practice and the plant protection problems connected with production. Bio-Protect GmbH took over test systems, which were established at the University of Konstanz, to evaluate the efficacy of preparations against apple scab (Venturia inaequalis) and to proof resistances of apple scab populations to chemical fungicides. In research projects targeting the development of an efficient alternative to antibiotics in fire blight control, the blossom test system was established. Bio-Protect gets the permission to work with the quarantine pathogen Erwinia amylovora in the laboratory and tested hundreds of micro-organisms and other preparations for efficacy against fire blight.

In 2003, the company won the innovation prize euregio.bodensee (Euroregion around Lake Constance) for the innovation “Entwicklung biotechnologischer Präparate zum Einsatz gegen Fäuleerreger und Feuerbrand im Obstbau (Development of biotechnological preparations to use against pathogens causing decay and fire blight in fruit growing)”.  The preparations “Blossom Protect” (against fire blight), “Boni Protect” (against apple rot), “Boni Protect forte” (against Monilia in stone fruits) and “Omni Protect” (curative preparation against apple scab) are the result of research work.

Since 2011 the fire blight monitoring around the Lake of Constance is done in our diagnosis laboratory. Samples from fruit mummies or blossoms from Austria, Switzerland or Southern Germany are taken from pome fruit orchards and sent by our customers. Quantitative results from analysis of blossom samples were delivered within 24 hours. Customers decide upon control measures in the orchards, if necessary.

In recent research projects we established new test systems, which are provided to our customers from now on.

The efficacy of test preparations against Phytophthora infestans is tested on tomato leaf discs. Using this test system we succeeded in identifying the yeast strain 2H13, which enhance the efficacy of copper products, and by this could contribute to the reduction of copper in plant protection. A resistance test was established for the grey mould pathogen Botrytis spp., which attacks strawberries, raspberries, ornamentals and legumes. A lot of chemical fungicides are used for the control of grey mould. The occurrence of Botrytis strains carrying multiple resistances to fungicides, complicates its control more and more. Using a test system using strawberry leaves, we test new active ingredients, micro-organisms, or additives on efficacy against Botrytis. Using this test system we could also test for synergistic effects of mixtures to resistant strains.

With all the knowledge we have gained over the years, we would like to provide you with our services, be it for the development of products or the assessment of preparations. Please contact us!

The company’s competences are the development of innovative plant protection products, efficiency tests against fire blight, apple scab and Phytophthora infestans, diagnostics of phytopathogens and detection of fungicide resistances.


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