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Fusarium spp.

Diseases caused by ascomycetes of the genus Fusarium are so called fusariosis. Fusariosis are known as wilt diseases on many economic plants. In grain and maize substantial damage occurs due to spike fusariosis and thereby contamination of harvest with mycotoxins. Fungi belonging to the genus Fusarium often produce mycotoxins which are harmful, if absorbed oral, for humans and farm animals.

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Efficacy test in-vitro

Do you like to get the efficacy of a preperation tested against one of the pathogens causing Fusarioses (Fusarium spp.)? Using our in vitro test, you get a fast impression on the efficacy of your preparation against fungi of the genus Fusarium.  For the test conidia of the fungus will be mixed with the preparation and the mixture will be put on a agar plate and incubated at 20°C. The colony growth will be recorded for several days in comparison to an untreated control and a chemical standard. The test is suitable for the evaluation of the minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) of your product.

Fusarium spp. on agar plates
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