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Grey mould / Botrytis cinerea

Grey mould, caused by the fungus Botrytis cinerea, leads to vast economic losses for strawberry producer. The more important it is for them to have products to combat this pathogen.

So, let us test your product developments in advance.  

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In-vivo test system on strawberry leaves

This test system gives a first impression of the efficiency and applicability of your product in the herbal system and is a pre-stage of a field trial. Also to test different concentrations and formulations of a preparation in a short time and on a small area, this test system is suitable. The conditions are controlled and can be adapted to the mechanism of action of your preparation within certain limits.

The strawberry leaves are inoculated artificially with the pathogen of the grey mould (Botrytis cinerea) and treated with your preparation with your decided application rate. The incubation is carried out 5 to 10 days at room temperature in a moist chamber. Due to a chemical standard and an untreated control the calculation of efficiencies is possible as well as an estimation of your product in comparison to chemicals available on the market.

Because resistant grey mould pathogenes increase in strawberry production it is possible, after consultation, to use botrytis strains with predefined resistance profiles in this in vivo test system to investigate synergistic effects, for example.

In-vivo test system for efficacy testing of preparations against grey mould on strawberry.

In vitro germination test

Using a germination test, you can get a first impression of the efficiency of your preparation against Botrytis cinerea. In this test, conidia of the fungus are mixed with the product or placed on agar plates without any test preparation. Incubation is carried out in a moist chamber overnight at 20°C. The colony growing is observed at 20°C for some days in comparison to an untreated control. This test is particularly suitable for the evaluation of the minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC).

Germinated conidia of the grey mould fungus Botrytis cinerea