Gesellschaft für Phytopathologie mbH Konstanz

„The secret of success is to take the other's point of view.“

(Henry Ford)


Bio-Protect GmbH is a founding member of the life science network BioLago e.V. (2007):

„BioLAGO is the cross-border network for life sciences in the four-country-region of Lake Constance (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein). The network links industry with science for innovations; it promotes knowledge transfer and the foundation of new firms.

BioLAGO unites about 7,500 jobs in research, production and services. The BioLAGO enterprises have created 1,200 new jobs in recent years in the area of Lake Constance which made an important contribution to economic development.

With our strategy we have defined aims and fields of action from which concrete activities are derived that are compiled in an annual plan (cf. Services and Events).” (Quelle: