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Our service for you: Detection of fungicide resistances.

Grey mould / Botrytis spp.

More and more frequently, strains of Botrytis spp., the causal agent of grey mould, show resistances to fungicides. The resistance patterns of the populations are specific for a field or a farm and hinder effective control of the pathogen. A detailed knowledge about the specific resistances that occur in his fields, is essential for the producer for choosing an effective fungicide.

On basis of publications of Prof. Hahn, TU Kaiserslautern and Prof. Weber, Esteburg-Obstbauzentrum, Jork ( Rupp et al. 2017;  Weber et al., 2015; Weber und Hahn, 2011) we offer a test system for the anilinopyrimidine cyprodinil, the hydroxyanilid fenhexamid, the strobilurin trifloxystrobin, the phenylpyrrol fludioxonil and the succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors boscalid and fluopyram.

The detailed description of the procedure can be found in the sampling instructions.
 Here you can also find the sample route sheet to order the resistance test. 

Disease lexicon

Strawberries infected with grey mould – the spores form a grey coating on the fruit.